Pioneering the Future of Transportation

What is Hyperloop?

Hyperloop is a new mode of land transportation, capable of high speed, remarkable efficiency, and autonomous operations. It employs a cutting-edge system where the vehicle seamlessly levitates within a low-pressure tube, transporting passengers and/or cargo with utmost precision and reliability.


Advocating for Hyperloop

We actively promote the widespread adoption of hyperloop as a collective transportation solution that offers speed, safety, and sustainability.

Unified Voice for the Industry

To represent members’ common interests with the various international, European, national and local authorities, by providing a unified voice.

Facilitating Collaboration

We foster cooperation and the exchange of best practices among all members, aiming to create a global network that propels the hyperloop industry.

Empowering the Industry

We focus on hyperloop-related business activities, encouraging investment, innovation, and entrepreneurial ventures in this transformative field.


The Hyperloop Association is dedicated to fostering the development and expansion of this emerging new transportation market by:

Enhancing Global Awareness
We strive to promote and disseminate comprehensive knowledge regarding the global impact and advantages of hyperloop technology, creating a broader understanding of its potential global impact.
Informing Decision Makers
We offer invaluable advice and expert insights to decision makers and stakeholders, equipping them with the necessary information to make well-informed choices regarding hyperloop implementation and integration.
Promoting Collaborative Communication
We engage in joint communication efforts, working closely with industry stakeholders and partners to ensure effective and coherent messaging on hyperloop-related topics, facilitating productive dialogue and information exchange.
Organizing Industry-Focused Events
We organize dedicated events focused on relevant topics within the hyperloop industry, providing a platform for industry professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts to connect, collaborate, and explore the latest advancements and trends.


  • Hardt
  • H1
  • HTT
  • Nevomo
  • Swisspod
  • Transpod
  • Zeleros


We extend a warm invitation to a diverse pool of stakeholders to align with our vision and actively participate in the mission of introducing hyperloop technology to the market.

By becoming a member, your organization can contribute its expertise and resources to advance this innovation.

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Hyperloop Industry

Gain access to research, collaborative projects, and exclusive networking opportunities within our community.

Industry Members

Forge strategic partnerships, engage in knowledge exchange, and actively contribute to shaping the future of transportation.

Associate Members

Share your insights, participate in our General Assembly, and join our exciting array of activities and events.